Who are we?

JournaJobs.eu isn’t your typical job listing website. Seeing that journalists hold impartiality in high esteem, and considering the increasingly precarious job status, pay scale, and business sustainability in the sector, we feel that job vacancy notices for the profession are best compiled and managed by a non-profit foundation and as a non-profit-making service in itself. In such a way, JournaJobs.eu embraces journalism career opportunities irrespective of the particular interest of any individual publishing company, public service or commercial broadcaster, or firm or NGO in need of qualified journalistic work.

JournaJobs.eu is a pro-bono project launched and underwritten by the European Journalism Centre (EJC), an independent international foundation that supports journalists and journalism. The EJC is a neutral, yet trusted partner of the entire journalism community, i.e., of news organisations and individual professionals alike.

Even though JournaJobs.eu is a not-for-profit venture and job seekers can use the website free of charge, postings of job offers come at a modest fee. This price is primarily a mechanism to ensure that offers are legitimate and well prepared. However, proceeds will be donated to charitable organisations in the journalism sector – as per the choice of the person posting the advert. We ask for your understanding that a maximum of 20% of the revenues will be deducted to cover administrative expenses for statutory accounting, auditing, and processing of payments.

Who should use JournaJobs.eu?

Whether you are a representative of a media outlet or a publisher for an online blog or magazine, JournaJobs.eu is here to help you affordably reach out to a network of European journalists, bloggers, and writers. If you are looking to fill a full- or part-time vacancy, or if you happen to be looking for that one-time freelance Italian writer living in Moscow, JournaJobs.eu will make it happen.

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Times are tough, especially if you are a journalist who is trying to make a living solely off of your reporting. Most likely, you often find yourself scouring the web and looking for jobs on countless employers’ websites thinking to yourself, “this is a limited and tedious process.” If this sounds familiar, then JournaJobs.eu is right for you. JournaJobs.eu tries to ease the burden by organically aggregating the most interesting jobs out there and will not waste your time by posting any and every kind of media-related jobs. For example, a media organisation looking for a Sales Representative (which is technically also a media-related job) will not get listed.

Who should become a partner of JournaJobs.eu?

Even if you are not looking for a job, some of your friends or colleagues might be. Whether you want to help them out or if you just want to spread the word about us, we have made an easy-to-embed website widget that takes about 30 seconds to install on your website. The widget lists the 5 latest JournaJobs.eu for your viewers to see, it is unobtrusive, and it might help you give your webpage a little bit more pizzazz.

Want to get involved with JournaJobs.eu? Become a sponsor. Your organisation has the option of becoming a JournaJobs.eu sponsor. As a sponsor, you will receive a JournaJobs banner that can be attached to your website, and all proceeds will go to Facebook and Google ads to promote the project. Interested? Contact us.

Are you a charitable organisation that wants to get involved with JournaJobs.eu? We have good news! Every penny of the job listing proceeds go to the cause or charity of the submitter’s choice, so don’t miss your chance to promote your organisation and receive donations in the process. If your organisation is not listed here and you feel it might fit in, please do not hesitate to contact us.